Monday, December 2, 2013

Saturday & Sunday

Yes, I know it is Monday, but it's too early in the day to blog about today...

So, Saturday... Bill took the boys to Catching Fire, but I stayed behind to clean house for company and take Kimbo for her first run. She was wonderful. Ran beside me, didn't tug at all on her leash, didn't stop to sniff or potty the entire time. Seriously this dog is a saint. We only ran a slow mile, she just had surgery last Wednesday and she's only 11 weeks old. 

Saturday night Bill's brother, Jimmy, and his girlfriend, Catherine, were in town, and there were free fights. So my sister, Ashley, her husband, Glenn, the boys, Bill & I had a little get-together.  It was a good time. Jimmy and Catherine stayed the night so we enjoyed breakfast with them too. 

Sunday, after the kiddos and our guests ate chocolate chip pancakes, the kitchen was back to tidy, our guests left. Bill and the boys laid around and played video games while I did the boys' laundry and cleaned their room. Around 2, Bill took the boys home. Kimbo and I went for our second run, again she was just perfect.

Got my baby girls back around 5, they could not have been more excited about meeting Kimbo.